Crazy Hair & Crazy Clothes Day

To celebrate the end of Term 1 all students and staff came to school in their craziest clothes and some of the craziest hairstyles we have ever seen!

Unbeknown to us some students are actually mermaids when they aren't in their school uniform! Others can pour a glass of cola from their ponytail or even plate up a cupcake on the top of their head. We were all very impressed by their creativity.

The day wasn't all about our luscious locks, we were also raising important funds for Caritas Australia's 'Project Compassion' which runs each year throughout Lent. Project Compassion raises funds for people living in poverty and their message this year was 'Together, we can make a difference now, and for all future generations'.

Throughout the day students also walked down to the developing Cororooke Open Space to have a look at the new entrance and works that are commencing on what will be a fantastic new asset to our community.