School Sports Day 2022

How good was it that we were able to celebrate Sports Day with so many of our families and friends present? Community get-togethers have been few and far between over the last couple of years, so it makes them all the more special when they can go ahead. 

Thank you to all family and friends who were able to come along. The children love it when their families come along to support them and it certainly adds to the overall atmosphere. We are all really proud of the effort the children put in throughout the day. They did a fabulous job and demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship towards each other.

Final Scores were:

McCarthy:  164

Spokes:  144

Turner:  142

Congratulations to McCarthy. It was a close result but they were the better team on the day! Well done to McCarthy leaders, Davina, Levi, Abbey and Lindon. All Year Six leaders, along with other older students, did a fabulous job of encouraging their younger teammates.

Well done also to the cheering leaders for each team. It sounded like we had a hundred students rather than 48. We love their enthusiasm!

The day finished off with some spectacular races. The Preschoolers race was once again a massive highlight - so cute! There was no stopping Louis - he took off at lightning speed. There were plenty of Mums represented in the Mum’s race, with Candy once again taking the honours. We can see where Levi and Louis get it from!  The Dad’s race was a true spectacle with a few of them taking a bit of a tumble. Well done to Tony Carlon who took the honours here. The staff agreed that their race would be a walking race, until Tahlia and Allira took off and raced to the finish line. It looked like a draw from where I was standing. These races were a really fun way to finish the day!


  • Tony Carlon and Mark Robb for cooking the sausages
  • Mark Robb for helping out with the line-marking
  • Parents and grandparents who were able to come along and help decorate the House areas
  • Greta for helping to put the hurdles in place after each race
  • Parents for entering the Parent race
  • Staff for helping to set up and run the events throughout the day
  • Students for their joyful participation and excellent sportsmanship

I can't wait until we do it all again next year!

Leanne Eastman