In 2022, St. Brendan’s began implementing the AUSLAN program from Years Prep to Six. 

The LOTE (Languages Other Than English) program aims to develop students' skills in AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language), the language of the Deaf community in Australia. 

At St. Brendan’s, the program is taught through the Teachers as Co-Learners approach. In a TCL approach all teachers and students are learners.  Each day, 10-15 minutes is allocated to ensure frequent exposure to, and learning of AUSLAN. 

AUSLAN aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable students to: 

  • communicate in AUSLAN
  • understand language, culture and learning and their relationship
  • develop an intercultural capability in communication. 

The visual communication of AUSLAN is also a very engaging way to re-enforce spelling and letter recognition.

Right Hand Alphabet

What's Your Name?

What do we have after recess?