Sustainability is about the future, about the type of world we are leaving for future generations – the students of today, their students and grandchildren, and all other living creatures on the planet. Each of us has a responsibility in caring for our unique environment.


At St. Brendan’s we recognise and value our role as stewards of creation. Students, staff and parents work together to minimise our impact on, and improve, the condition of our local environment. Our understanding and behaviours in relation to sustainability and the environment is challenged and the use of the waste hierarchy: refuse/reduce, reuse, recycle, compost and close the loop is taught.

An hour a week is dedicated to Sustainability / Outdoor Learning. Students participate in hands on learning such as tending to the vege garden, mulching the plants, taking care of the chooks, guinea pigs and worm farm, ensuring that the environments are clean and functional. They are involved with planting across various garden beds in the school, including building and maintaining a hothouse. We engage community groups such as Landcare to broaden the education of our students and encourage them to develop a love for the environment.