At St. Brendan’s, our Catholic identity permeates all that we do. Our Religious Education Program is concerned with the development of faith, based on the life experiences of the child and the teachings of Christ.

Religious Education

At St. Brendan’se provide a sequential Religious Education program, with formal lessons, drawn from ‘Awakenings’, the Primary Resources series for the Archdiocese of Ballarat. The Awakenings program:

  • draws on the life experiences of the child,
  • gives knowledge of Church teachings, tradition and history,
  • explores the Gospels, Scriptures and doctrine related to these experiences,
  • provides opportunity for individual and community prayer,
  • offers children the opportunity to participate in the Sacramental life of the church,
  • encourages children to live a life of faith.

We believe that Religious Education extends beyond the classroom to one’s own personal life and to the wider community.

We use our school newsletter to inform parents of activities relating to our Religious Education Program, including liturgies, Masses and other special celebrations. Children participate in Parish activities, community activities and special events. Children are helped to recognise the needs of others through fundraising activities for various organizations.