Who is it for?

The MacqLit Program is specifically aimed at struggling readers in Year 3 through to high school.

Key benefits

- A systematic and explicit reading intervention program for older low-progress readers.

- Small group program 

- Comprehensive sequence of lessons including all the components necessary for effective reading instruction.

Praise for MacqLit

In my experience with MacqLit, I’ve noticed it builds confidence, increases reading fluency, and strengthens spelling skills. I love that it can offer a group session to suit the students’ individual needs. It’s a highly effective program used in a short time daily to build reading skills.

It’s amazing one program can build so much self-esteem, confidence and growth over a year.

Katrina Ashford | Education Assistant St Edward’s Primary School

Program Content

Older low-progress readers need to develop rapid, automatic and efficient word recognition strategies. That means the primary focus of MacqLit is on phonics, or word identification, supported by connected text reading to ensure skills are generalised to authentic reading experiences.

The teaching of phonic skills is addressed through 122 carefully scripted lessons, divided into nine parts, delivered to small groups. The carefully constructed sequence of lessons teaches essential skills such as:

  • Letter-sound correspondences presented in an easy to hard sequence,
  • Strategies for decoding multi-syllable words,
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Generalising component skills through connected text reading.

In addition, students are given extensive opportunities to practise their skills by reading one-on-one with a Learning Support Officer for 20 minutes each day.