Our Catholic Identity

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Our School Vision, ‘For you I have a destiny and a hope’, embodies the message of hope expressed through the Catholic Tradition. Hope opens new horizons, making us capable of dreaming what is not even imaginable. Pope Francis’s simple message that God's love can grace each of us with a lasting and sustaining hope, is embodied in the Christian teachings of our school, promoting an optimistic and joyful approach to life.

At St. Brendan’s, we work in partnership with parents, parish and community to develop a sense of a positive relationship with our God, ourselves, our communities, and our world through positive celebration and visible signs of our Catholic identity. We welcome students from all backgrounds and are respectful to their cultural diversity, rights and beliefs.

Our school aims to provide rich opportunities for students, staff and our community to engage in thoughtful dialogue with our Christian narrative in light of the Catholic teachings and values. We endeavour to make the Gospel values come to life in our everyday interactions with one another. Every interaction shapes culture and that it is in these everyday interactions that we care for, support and nurture each other as learners, as healthy individuals, as social beings and as people of faith.

 At St. Brendan’s Catholic Primary School we aim to:

  • To provide a Religious Education Program that is connected to real life and provides knowledge about Christian traditions, with opportunities for dialogue with other traditions and perspectives. The St. Brendan’s Religious Education curriculum is based on the “Awakenings” program from Catholic Education Ballarat. 
  • To challenge students to develop a deeper understanding of their own personal faith commitment
  • To support families in the faith education of children at St. Brendan’s, and to encourage families to share in the life of the Parish. 
  •  Provide support for families to participate in a Family-based Sacramental Program.
  • Provide opportunities for individual classes to participate in regular liturgical celebrations with our Parish community. School families and parishioners are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join us in these celebrations.
  • Support our Religious Education Program with regular opportunities for personal and communal prayer, and regular school assemblies with a prayer focus.
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