The staff of St Brendan's are a community of educators who are dedicated to ensure the wellbeing and care of all students is at the forefront of all that they do.

Our Staff

Principal: Leanne Eastman
Parish Priest: Fr. Michael O'Toole

Teaching Staff
Prep/1 Teacher: Allira Kluver
2/3/4 Teacher: Mandy Sutherland
5/6 Teacher: Tahlia Whytcross

Specialist & Support Staff
Learning Diversity Leader:
Kate Parker

School Chaplain: Clare Jehu
Art/Sustainability: Alice Armistead
Sports Teacher: Kate Parker
Music/Drama Teacher: Liz McGuane
Learning Support Officers: Debra Monaco / Mel Drayton / Diane Armistead / Hayley Beardsley
ICT Support: Trinh Tran

Child Safety Officer: Leanne Eastman

Business Manager & Compliance Officer: Gracesyn Perrett


School Contact Information
St Brendan's Primary School
Corangamite Lake Road Coragulac 
PH: (03) 5233 1464