Learning & Teaching

The beautiful school setting of St. Brendan’s provides a calm and inspiring environment for all students. We make the most of this by ensuring that student learning is enhanced through outdoor learning, with opportunities to develop curiosity, resilience and independence, as well as encouraging an understanding of our responsibility to care for the environment.

As a staff team, we work collaboratively to plan stimulating and relevant learning opportunities for our students. When parents and visitors come to our school, we hope what they see and feel is evidence of authentic learning taking place, lots of laughter and conversation, and a strong feeling that our children are engaged and connected to our school and each other.

Our staff are dedicated to providing an education that will prepare each child to function successfully in our modern world. Programs are developed with the needs, interests, skills and understandings of the child being the first consideration.  

Our commitment as educators is to walk with our students on their learning and faith journey, encouraging the students in our care to achieve their potential.