Thomas Carr College occupy the Good Samaritan Centre which is located on the grounds at St Brendan's. Thomas Carr is a secondary school in Tarneit, Victoria with aproximitly 1050 students. The college use the Coragulac campus for their Year 7 Camp and their Year 9 Country Experience Program.

Our Thomas Carr Partnership

The Good Samaritan Centre has accommodation for groups of 28 students, who attend the campus from Thomas Carr College in three week blocks, and participate in activities such as investigation projects, orienteering, outdoor adventure sports and community service projects.

St Brendan's is fortunate to partner with Thomas Carr as part of this program, with the Year 9's planning and delivering activities for St Brendan's students on a regular basis. Activities include sports, games and other investigation projects.

This collaboration between schools provides students with rich learning opportunities, as well as the chance to get to know and build friendships with students from different backgrounds and cultures. We greatly value our relationship with Thomas Carr Catholic College and the learning experiences it provides for our students.

Program Overview

"Living away from home over the three week period at the Good Samaritan Campus provides students with an opportunity for personal growth, a developing sense of independence, resilience, social awareness and the development of skills for life and the world of work. Sharing the Campus with other students will provide a rich and varied environment, and facilitate a better understanding of what it means to become more adult, to be a responsible member of a community and to take steps towards finding their own place in the world.

The Good Samaritan country experience aims to provide an environment for all learners, which is safe, caring, structured, challenging and engaging.

As educators, our aims are for all Year 9 students to be reflective, passionate, enthusiastic and active learners. We are confident that the Good Samaritan Campus will provide an environment where all these aims can be met."

Extract from the Thomas Carr website (