At St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School, our vision and mission impacts on everything we do, how we treat each other and how we engage in our learning.


“For you I have a destiny and a hope.” Jeremiah


St. Brendan's Catholic School is founded on Christian values.
Our goals are:

  • To celebrate Catholic beliefs, values, practices and traditions
  • To provide a comprehensive and relevant Religious Education Program
  • To involve children, parents and community members in faith and life celebrations
  • To work in partnership with families parish and the wider community

St Brendan's Catholic School is committed to ensuring children realize their full potential
Our goals are:

  • To provide each child with a stimulating curriculum which will develop them to reach their full potential
  • To respect the dignity and integrity of each person, promoting self esteem, hope and a positive vision for the future
  • To develop courage, confidence and life skills, enabling each child to become his/her own person
  • To cater for individual learning styles and abilities

St Brendan's Catholic School is an active part of a supportive and nurturing community.
Our goals are:

  • To provide and maintain support to each child, family and the school and parish communities
  • To encourage the greater school community, present and past to maintain involvement in the life of the school.